Experience is Expensive.

Learn from us. We’re often invested well before the wire is sent. We love entrepreneurs that are passionate, but passion can only get you so far. We’ve been there at the beginning and we know what details to sweat. More importantly, we seek to help, always, because we know rough days are ahead. Pivots will be made and the most difficult decisions need a sounding board based on experience, void of emotion. Our companies love us. You will, too.


The Focus Should Be On You

Starting a company is hard. Founders have to make difficult decisions every day and sometimes it feels like guessing. We hate that. We’ve found that in a company’s infancy, founders benefit from speaking with the right mentors or fellow entrepreneurs. We know the value of putting the right people together and watching the magic unfold. We make every effort to have open, transparent communication with all of our partner companies and continually make meaningful connections along the way. We can’t help it, we always think about our companies and how we can help them.

The Pitch

Fundraising Is Hard. We Help You Get It Right.

Every entrepreneur has had the same questions. Keynote or Powerpoint? Technical or Emotional? Is it 2, 6, 8 or 15 minutes? Depending on your audience, the answer is Yes!

When it’s you on the stage or in front of investors, you only get one shot. We know that can be nerve wracking, but we’ve been there before. We won’t leave you hanging. We work hard to help our partner companies craft, rehearse, refine and perfect their pitch to make sure they get the job done. Trust us, when we’re done, you’ll break out into pitch-mode while driving around town.


Working To Get Founders Insight On The Fly

Always be learning. It’s critical for any young company. That’s why we connect startup founders across our entire portfolio and go as far as to connect founders across our network of accelerators and funds. We recognize that sometimes the best ideas come from people looking at your business through a different lens. We’re constantly learning new ways to deliver tools and resources to our partner companies to help them succeed. Whether it’s PR, design, video, mentorship, or networking, we strive to amplify our network to your benefit.

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